Product Line Overview

DivInd proudly represents and supports the Horiba gas, liquid, vacuum and analysis products all throughout the four corner states: Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Please contact us first with your inquiries regarding these products if you are in the aforementioned territory.



Gas mass flow controllers & Meters

  • Multi Range, Multi Gas

  • 3 SCCM to 500 SLM

  • Analog 0-5V, DeviceNet and EtherCat compatible

  • High-Accuracy at +/- 1% SetPoint Accuracy

  • Ideal for MOCVD Processes

Liquid products

  • Liquid Mass Flow Controllers

  • Liquid Mass Flow Meters

  • Vaporizers

  • pH probes

  • Conductivity Meters

IR-300 Vapor Concentration Monitor

IR-300 Vapor Concentration Monitor

UR-Z700 Pressure Regulator

UR-Z700 Pressure Regulator

Pressure Regulators, Valves & MOre

  • Pressure Regulators

  • Exhaust Valves

  • Vapor Concentration Monitors

  • Chemical Concentration Monitors

  • Residual Gas Analyzers

  • Gas Monitors