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TYK RS-3000 and RS-3000C Liquid Leak Sensor

TYK RS-3000 and RS-3000C Liquid Leak Sensor

  • Quick detection for low viscosity liquid, like Fluorinate.

  • Output of the control unit, RS-3000C, is a relay, NC contact, which makes fit with fail-safe architecture.

  • RS-3000C control unit is compact in size with connector wiring that is easy and reliable to use.

  • RS-3000C unit has a DIN rail installation feature without auxiliary parts.

  • RS-3000 series also provides a diagnostic feature, such as wrong position of the detection units, or wiring cut in the sensor system. This sort of alert assists the operator to know and recover the leak alarm system immediately and correctly.

Toyoko Kagaku or TYK offers a full range of sensor products that meet exacting standards of performance and reliability for a variety of industries, ranging from production of semiconductors to liquid crystal devices, solar batteries, LEDs and more.

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