Company Profile

DivInd offers these services in the form of products, systems, design and development, and consulting. Our aim is to be a solution provider for any of your physicochemical applications. DivInd possesses many strong alliances with other groups to tackle your problems fast, offering you the solutions you need that are specific to your applications.

DivInd is the worldwide technical specialist for Particle Sizing Systems in the Electronics Industry. PSS is a manufacturer of particle metrology systems measuring 0.5µm and larger particles within liquid streams. PSS provides both bench top and in-situ measuring capabilities through AccuSizer and FX product lines respectfully. DivInd also automates these instruments for industrial applications, to directly tie into a factory protocol for QA/QC purposes.

DivInd also provides customized instrumentation packages and sample analysis systems for monitoring additional parameters such as zeta potential, solids concentration, flow, pressure, chemical concentration, conductance, pH, temperature, and density. Our experience in a variety of applications has shown that every application recipe possesses some degree of uniqueness. DivInd offers custom solutions to your process, while maintaining a degree of flexibility in solution packages.

DivInd is focused on providing liquid processing solutions to a wide array of industries and markets including:

  • Semiconductor
  • Agricultural
  • Bio Pharmaceutical
  • Food/Beverage
  • Specialty
    • High Purity
    • Inks/Dyes
  • Heavy
    • Ceramic
    • Petroleum
    • Paper
    • Paint/Fillers
    • Nuclear
Our Philosophy

DivInd's founding philosophy is adopt, adapt, and improve. With this in mind, we offer an innovative, flexible approach to improving upon liquid process technology and deliver solutions necessary to specific applications. The personnel within DivInd come from the semiconductor processing field, which is known for demanding discrete solutions in a short period of time to keep up with Moore’s law (a). This experience allows DivInd to offer a variety of services to support other demanding industries with innovative solutions and novel approaches to solving you processing challenges.
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